Golden Stallion Online Slot Rating and reviews

The Golden Stallion slot machine, which was developed by Northern Lights Gaming and is offered on the Microgaming platform, is an important game for those who like playing western and wildlife-themed games. The five reels of this slot machine are located inside the steep canyon walls, and some of the symbols on them include playing card icons as well as many wild horses. More horses gallop about above the reels, and these gorgeously rendered beasts play a significant role in the game’s primary extra features.

A sheriff’s badge is shown above the game, and it keeps track of the amount of Golden Spins that have been earned in a row. This occurs as the horses rearrange the locations of the symbols. During the free spins bonus round, the Ultraways feature may become active, providing you with up to 196,608 unique opportunities to win by lining up symbols in a winning formation.

This is a game that has been optimized for mobile devices such as those running iOS, Android, and Windows, where the portrait layout looks well on the smaller displays. It is also functional on desktop platforms, except when seen in landscape mode, the screen is filled to either side with a hazy background consisting of canyons.

Instructions for Playing the Slot Machine with the Golden Stallion

This game has an incredibly extensive betting range, with selections ranging from only 0.10, which is equivalent to 0.005 on each of the 20 paylines, all the way up to 50.00, which is equivalent to 2.50 per line. If you go to the paytable using the three lines that are located on the control panel, you will be able to view the multiplier that applies to the line bet for each symbol. The highest payout comes from the wild symbol, which may also substitute for other symbols to help make a winning combination.

Automatic and fast-spin options are available at the online casinos, and the game itself is relatively simple to set up. However, new players may be turned off by the rather sophisticated elements of the game.

Golden Stallion Slots Offers Free Spins, Along with Other Game Features

The gameplay is really unconventional, and it begins with the sheriff badge that is located above the reels revealing a certain amount of Golden Spins. During the course of this series of spins, the animated horses that are positioned above the reels will gallop towards you and stomp on top of random reels, adding a green surround to any symbol position that they land on.

At the conclusion of a Golden Spins sequence, all symbol locations in green frames will have the potential to turn into numerous golden instances of the same symbol, resulting in a potentially large win. These are worth six times their normal value, and any additional instances of the same symbol that happen to be on the reels will also become gold if they are part of the winning combination. You could even change the wild symbol into a golden one, which would be sufficient to finish several combo plays at the same time and would double the winnings by a factor of six.

If the cow skull symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5 during the same round, the Ultraways Free Spins bonus round will be triggered. A bonus round will play out before the free games begin. During this round, only horseshoe symbols will emerge, and horses will stomp on the reels. This results in symbol positions being divided into either a double or quadruple format, so offering additional possibilities to win that stay in place for the duration of the free games. If the horses can turn any position into a quadruple, then you will have a massive 192,608 different possibilities to win the bet.

The Golden Stallion Slot Machine’s Highest Payouts, Return to Player percentage, and Volatility

It is possible to walk away with a jackpot of up to 300,000.00 if you place the maximum bet of 50.00 and win the maximum payout of 6,000 times your original wager in this game. Golden Stallion is a game with a high level of volatility, and our findings revealed considerable gaps between winning spins. However, the game’s relatively high average reward amounts helped to balance out these gaps. The proportion of money returned to the players is 96.17 percent.

The Golden Stallion Slot Machine and Our Opinions Regarding It

Microgaming and Northern Lights Gaming should be commended for offering players something a little bit different. It looks great on desktop computers as well as mobile devices, and the animated stallions rushing at the screen provide a fun and distinctive element to the gameplay. At the conclusion of any set of spins, high-value combos may be formed with golden symbols if the player has placed a sufficient number of frames on the reels. It is not unusual for there to be a large payment at the conclusion of a series of Golden Spins if there have been very few wins throughout the series.

You have the best chance of winning the most valuable rewards while you are playing the free spins bonus round with the Ultraways mechanism activated. Visit the finest online casinos that provide the Microgaming variety, such as the ones we suggest, and be sure to grab the greatest bonuses when you sign up for an account at one of these casinos.

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